The Practical Test

When you have completed your theory test, and we feel that you are ready, one of our dedicated instructors will advise you to book a practical test.

For the test, you need to ensure that you are well prepared and confident with the entire curriculum you have been taught.

The practical test lasts around 40 minutes and you will be taken on a route from your local test centre. On the route you will be observed and marked down accordingly to any minor, major or dangerous faults. A single major or dangerous fault will result in immediate failure, such as failure to check a blind spot, additionally if you commit over 15 minor faults, you will also immediately fail. Should you receive 3 minor faults in the same category, the fault may be considered as a habit and the examiner may not allow you to pass the test.

On the test, you will be expected to perform 1 out of 4 driving manoeuvres, for example it may include: reverse around a corner, reverse park into a bay, parallel park or a turn in the road. Additionally, the examiner may ask you to perform an emergency stop, however this occurs in 1 in 3 tests.

You may also be asked to perform independent driving for around 10 minutes, following road signs to different destinations. Alternatively, you will be asked to follow a series of verbal directions with the aid of diagrams or a combination of both.

Applying for the test at your local test centre can be done online, but keep in mind that the date you would like to book can vary based on how busy the centre is, some centres may be booked up to 3 months in advance. When booking you will need your license number, theory test pass number and Instructor number.

The fee of taking the test cost £62 on weekdays & £75 from 4:30pm onwards, weekends and bank holidays, with an additional fee we will charge for use of the vehicle. At Woodlands School Of Motoring, we advise that you take a lesson before your practical test to ensure that you are fully confident and prepared for the test. Always consult your instructor about when you should book your test.

If you would like to learn more or if you would like to book your test, please click here.